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May 14th, 2019

Rain tried to stop it, anxiety was high, but XUP's first event went on expertly.

What happened?

To get things rolling, XUP hosted its first event at Kitty Cohens. The goal of the evening was to bring people together, introduce people to XUP, get turnt, and host a dating olympics.

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We went all out

First of all, Kitty Cohens has got to be one of the best places for an event in all of Austin. It's got all the sex appeal of a high society LA poolside club with all the charm of an Austin dive bar.

We had Zephyr Gin handing out free shots of gin, an incredible photobooth created and run by Aubrey Moore, a competition to win ACL tickets, the freakin awesome funky electronic duo Glass Slipper, and to top it all off we ran dating olympics.

What were the dating olympics? It was a 3 part competition.

1. The first competition was hand holding and staring. We paired people up and the winner was the duo that was able to stare lovingly into each others eyes while holding hands without laughing.

2. The next competition was best pickup line. We split people into groups of 2 and gave them 2 minutes to think of a pickup line. Then we selected 3 judges from the attendees to choose their favorite after the groups presented their lines.

3. The final competition was a handhold competition. We took 3 new judges and asked them to judge the hand holds of each participant. They judged by form, warmth, tightness, and small talk as they strolled a few paces.

What we learned

To be quite honest, we didn't expect 70 people to show up to our first event. We were so thoroughly stoked and validated by the amazing response. The event went amazingly, but here are some things we learned.

The electronic band wasn't totally stoked with the sound system at Kitty Cohens. Next time, we need to test this more thoroughly so the band is satisfied.

The ACL competition got a lot of signups, but not a lot of follow through. Although we had about 20 people give us their names and emails, no one completed the tasks to get the ACL wristband. We attribute this to the fact that they had to complete the tasks at a later date, rather than right there at the event.

The dating olympics were a tad awkward. We expected this, but perhaps we weren't organized enough to make the olympics feel tight and legit. The participation was awesome, but we could definitely make it smoother.

We wish we could offer people more free drinks. If only we had an endless budget.

The photobooth was incredible, but we were unable to turn around the edited photos that night. We'd love to offer an experience where attendees get their photos right there and then.

The rain: we should have had a backup plan for rain. We had to delay the event by a week. Who knows how many attendees we would've gotten had we been able to host it on the initially advertised date.

What's next

We'd love to make this an annual event. The unfortunate thing is that it takes a lot of energy and a lot of time. We never make money on our events, which isn't an issue. But Outdated is the most physically and emotionally taxing of all our events, so for now, the next one is TBA.