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January 22nd, 2019

Instagram is a huge part of how XUP connects with its users. But Sam and Matt didn't want XUP to add to the cotton candy meme culture of Instagram. Instead, they wanted to post valuable, authentic content that people could enjoy, dream about, and share.

So Matt and Sam hired a marketing company to get started. Their goal was to create real, engaging content to gain organic followers. None of that robot crap, and none of that follow and unfollow game. Their Instagram was not a way of harvesting buzz, but instead a way of disseminating true brand value to the world.

After a month, they realized the content that was being posted wasn't true to their brand. It felt like the same meme, basic af content they saw everwhere. So they fired their marketing company and hired a good friend and photographer to take the reins. Soon, their content was full of beautiful, professional looking pictures, inclusive musings, and dynamic highlights like quotes and events.

Matt and Sam continued refining their instagram content to include Xperiences of the week, event highlights, and business spotlights. Now it felt like they were not only posting beautiful things, but also really valuable, community oriented content.

What's next

As Matt and Sam continue building their brand offerings and refining their message, they'll continue to push their social media content. They recently hired a content strategist (spotlight on her to come) to help them organize and unify their social media and all online content to maintain their authentic and genuine XUP message.

Follow XUP on instagram and tell your friends to follow too. We'll keep posting what we think is true and worthy of your likes.