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Incorporated AF

January 3rd, 2019

Matt and Sam fucking did it. After a little holiday break, they returned, motivated as ever, ready to take this bull by the horns. Sure, it was a simple online application, but it was a huge emotional step toward realizing the dream of XUP.

XUP tip #23: Gust is an incredible service for startups. They took care of all of the articles of incorporation, governance, stock grants, and contracts in a simple, ituitive style. Seriously, if you're going to take the leap and become a legit startup, look no further.


Now that they were legit, it was time to act legit. Matt and Sam drew up their product roadmap, they hired a marketing company to rock their social media, they hired 2 developers, and they dove head first into the Startup world.

What's next

They only had 2 hurdles left, building their product and getting users. Their badass developers would focus on turning Sam's designs into a real, working product. And through a mixture of events, social media presence, and guerrilla marketing, Matt and Sam would focus on user acquisition so they could snag an investor.