The Journey

How XUP went from a spit-ball dream to a fully functional social platform


May 14, 2019

To get things rolling, XUP hosted its first event at Kitty Cohens. The goal of the evening was to bring people together, introduce people to XUP, get turnt, and host a dating olympics.

Insta Famous

January 22, 2019

Instagram is a huge part of how XUP connects with its users. But Sam and Matt didn't want XUP to add to the cotton candy meme culture of Instagram. Instead, they wanted to post valuable, authentic content that people could enjoy, dream about, and share.

Incorporated AF

January 3, 2019

Matt and Sam fucking did it. After a little holiday break, they returned, motivated as ever, ready to take this bull by the horns. Sure, it was a simple online application, but it was a huge emotional step toward realizing the dream of XUP.

XUP Get Down

December 27, 2018

The backbone of XUP is its deep integration in communities. Matt and Sam wanted XUP to provide the best experiences that would feel locally sourced and resonate with its users. And the only way to do that was to have real people in the community be involved from the very beginning. XUP Get Downs were born.

See ya later Incubator

December 17, 2018

Matt and Sam were sitting upstairs in a death metal bar on the night of December 17th. The place was apparently known for its reuben sandwiches. They were the only people there.

"Hey so I wanted to tell you this in person. We got kicked out of the incubator." Matt said.

Incubate me like you mean it

September 18, 2018

Through Sam's love of free happy hours around town, Matt and Sam found an incubator program that would help them form their "million dollar idea" into a functioning business. They were accepted into the Founder Institute incubator on September 18th.

Alright, let's do this

July 13, 2018

Matt and Sam were sitting at a picnic bench in the patio of a dive bar. They took sips of light beer between loose mind riffs on the next great idea. It was a weekday. And they were in full visionary mode. Previous times had produced dreams of: The Dump App, The Blackout App, and papertowels that were perforated in a grid to allow for minimum waste. But these ideas were playful machinations: breathy, alcohol scented whispers.

The real thing on their minds: they didn't love their jobs. And they were single. And they got no dating app matches, ever.